My Gallery

Here are a few of the bespoke items I have made for my customers. Some are from their children’s baby grows for gifts for parents and grandparents. Ideal for mother’s day and father’s day as a special gift for them to keep. So often we put these items away as a keepsake in a box hidden away for years when it would be much nicer to have something on show. I can ensure that the embroidered motif is placed in a prominent place and you can be assured that I will create a unique item that can be kept in the family for years to come. Please take a look through the gallery for inspiration and contact me by email or telephone and we can discuss your exact requirements. Please allow at least 15 working days from receipt of your order.

You may prefer to have a hanging letter made from a special baby dress. The letters are ideally made out of cotton instead of any stretchy fabric, but I may be able to make it out of a combination of both.

Have you seen something in the gallery and would like it made out of different fabric? See my shop for some beautiful designer fabrics and choose anything from there. Again please allow 15 working days to make.