Prym Aqua Trick Marker + Water Pen

Prym Aqua Trick Marker + Water Pen

  • Practical combination pack with dual use
  • Simple marking with Aqua trick marker pen
  • Speedy removal of water-erasable marking with the water pen
  • Water pen also suitable for removing stains
  • Test the marking and removal properties on fabric samples

A combination, which provides the perfect solution: the water-erasable markings of the aqua trick marker and the water pen now make it easy to trace and remove lines by hand when embroidering, dressmaking, doing patchwork and quilting. The aqua trick marker is particularly suitable for removing markings on fabrics when the lines traced are intended to be invisible later on. It should be stored cap downwards, to prevent it from drying out. The markings must be accurately removed and left without a trace before ironing. Also short-term markings can be transferred: the water pen is filled with water and its damp brush-tip produces exact lines on the fabric. In addition, if you fill it with a mixture of water and stain remover, the water pen effortlessly removes stains.

Important: Test the marking and removal properties of the aqua trick marker and water pen beforehand on a fabric sample!

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Prym Love ‘Birdy’ Needle Threader

Prym Love Birdy Needle Threader

  • Threading sewing needles with ease
  • Recessed grip for safe handling
  • Protected with a hinged cover
  • Integral thread cutter

This Birdy needle threader from the Prym Love range is a real winner both for beginners and professional sewing fans. In cheerful pink it offers just what you want when threading a needle: ease of handling because of the recessed grip, which gives you a secure hold while threading the needle. The transparent, plastic, hinged cover offers added protection from injury. A further benefit: the integral thread cutter replaces scissors! This makes threading needles particular fun, even for beginners. The Birdy needle threader is suitable for most sewing needles, but not for beading needles.

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Prym Love Flat Pins

Prym Love Plastic Headed Flat Pins

  • Long pins with flat plastic heads shaped like hearts and butterflies
  • Highly stable connection between head and shaft
  • Fine points make them easy to push through the fabric

These long 50 x 0.60mm Prym Love pins, made from rust-proof stainless steel, are decorated with pretty plastic heads in the shape of a heart or a butterfly and are therefore a real eye-catcher for all sewing fans. The extremely stable connection between shaft and head offers a high resistance to wear and tear. The fine tip easily penetrates several layers of fabric without damaging the fibres. The plastic heads of the pins can be easily and securely gripped and are particularly decorative.

50 pins per pack

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Prym Love Pink Corner and Edge Shaper

Prym Love Corner and Edge Shaper

  • For forming corners, edges and curves
  • Gentle on fabrics due to its rounded edges
  • Also suitable for folding paper, felt or cardboard
  • High-quality plastic in pink

The corner and edge shaper, now in the colour pink, with its asymmetrical pointed and rounded blunt tip, enables the moulding of turned over corners, edges and curves without damaging the fabric. Unlike knives or scissors which are often used for this purpose, this tool from Prym has no sharp edges but rather a rounded tip, making it the perfect moulding aid when sewing cases, small bags and much more. In addition, the corner and edge shaper is also suitable for spreading out seams without ironing. Also in the case of handicrafts, the corner and edge shaper is ideal for folding felt, paper or cardboard.

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Prym Love Pink Polka Dot Tape Measure

Prym Love Pink Polka Dot Spring/RetractableTape Measure

  • Sleek design
  • White tape with scale in cm

    Easily and accurately readable

The Prym spring tape measure with a running length of 150cm/60 inches is both functional and handy. The tape measure is optionally metric scaled on both sides or on the front side in centimetres and on the back in inches. A retention mechanism holds the tape measure while working in the desired position. By pressing a button, a spring mechanism reels in the tape after measuring and brings it back neatly into the casing. The simple handling makes this spring tape measure a useful tool for sewing, dressmaking and handicrafts.

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Prym Love Turning Set

Prym Love Turning Set

  • Practical turning of self-made fabric tubes
  • Plastic tube plus turning rod in bamboo
  • 2 sizes for fabric tubes with a tunnel width from 19mm

Whether for strap or belt loops, this practical turning set from the Prym Love range makes turning of fabric tubes to the right side much easier and is therefore a particularly helpful sewing accessory. Depending on the size of the turning set you choose, you can effortlessly turn right side out any size of self-made fabric tube from narrow belt loops to bag handles. The fabric tube is first of all seamed on one side and then drawn over the plastic tube. You can then use the bamboo rod to push the fabric through the tube and turn it right side out. The turning set comes in 2 sizes for tunnel sizes of 19 mm to 25 mm in mint (size M) and for tunnel widths of more than 25 mm in pink (size L).

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Prym Ruler Handle

Prym Aqua Trick Marker + Water Pen

  • Ruler handle for patchwork rulers and others of plastic
  • Makes measuring and cutting out simple
  • Two suction cups for affixing to the ruler

This practical ruler handle makes child’s play of working with the ruler and cutting out, whether for patchwork or other handicraft measurements. The handle is attached to the ruler by two suction cups. This makes it easier to guide the ruler and lets you work more easily and precisely. The suction cups have particularly strong suction, which makes it easy to guide the ruler safely.

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Prym Soft Comfort Ergonomic Thimble

Ergonomic thimbles by Prym

Soft comform thimble available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large

These thimbles give the ultimate in grip thanks to the unique design. Made to fit your finger perfectly with a comfortable soft interior. Air holes help to keep your fingers cool giving you a much more comfortable experience.

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Prym Love Large Ergonomic Stitch/Seam Ripper

Prym large ergonomic seam ripper with point protector

The ergonomically designed Prym Love stitch/seam ripper is perfect for stitch/seam ripping and quick unpicking

Blade with rounded tip
Anti-slip recessed grip for effortless work
Handle is extended by the end cap
Modern, ergonomic design
Suitable for right-handers and left-handers

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Prym Bobbin Ring

Bobbin Ring by Prym

The Prym bobbin ring is ideal for the safe and orderly storage of sewing machine bobbins. The soft plastic plum blue ring can accommodate up to twenty bobbins and furthermore prevents the unwinding of the thread.

Bobbins of all sizes can be supported by the ring, and it can be moulded to the desired shape by using a simple technique – put it in boiling water for 15 to 20 seconds and the two edges are formed to fit the diameter of the bobbin, dip it in cold water and it regains its original hardness and remains in the moulded form.

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Prym Dressmaking Pattern Paper


Prym Dressmaking Pattern Paper

For creating and tracing patterns
Gridded pattern on a roll, 1 m x 10 m

Only available in-store – not available for online purchase

Read more
Large Paris Sewing Basket

A handy sewing basket with a Paris style design

Measures 23.5 x 31 x 20cm

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Pincushion Wrist Strap

A handy pincushion which straps to the wrist, in sewing notions print fabric.

9.5cm diameter.

Handwash only.

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Twin Lidded Sheep Sewing Box

A handy sewing box featuring a sheep design with twin lid opening

Measures 25 x 25 x 17cm

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Classic Sewing Machines Pattern Weights

Classic sewing machines pattern weights – 4 per tin

A practical yet attractive solution to the problem of keeping those pesky pattern pieces in place rather than using pins.

Flat wide ergonomic design for ease of use in a presentation tin. Treat yourself or a great gift idea.

Each weight is 5mm thick, 50mm in diameter and weighs 73g.

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White Elastic Cord

White Elastic Cord

White elastic cord approximately 1mm round

Price is per metre

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Prym Hemming Web 30mm

Prym Hemming Web With Backing Paper – 30mm x 5m

Prym’s hemming web makes it possible to hem dresses, coats, skirts, etc without needles or a sewing machine. Simply iron on and remove the backing paper.

This hemming web is made of 100% polyamide and is machine washable up to 60°C.

Supplied in a pack of 5m, width of webbing is 30mm.

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Snap Tape By The Metre

Snap tape on a roll

Plastic snap fasteners on a cotton tape spaced 10cm apart. Perfect for sewing onto duvet covers rather then sewing on individual snap fasteners.

30°C wash, do not bleach, do not iron, dry cleanable.

Price is per metre.

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Prym Turning Set

Prym Turning Set

This turning set from Prym makes the turning of fabric tunnels such as straps or belt loops easy, making it very useful sewing accessory.

From a belt loop to a bag handle – small or broad, any self made fabric tunnel can be easily turned.

The set contains three different sized turners:

S for tunnel widths from 9.5 mm to 16 mm
M for tunnel widths from 19 mm to 25 mm
L for tunnel widths greater than 25 mm

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Prym Universal Ruler 6×24 Inch

Prym Universal Ruler 6×24 inch

Whether on the cutting table or the sewing machine: the Omnigrid universal rulers from Prym are indispensable companions for patchwork, dressmaking and tailoring or for graphic work. The yellow and black grid markings in a metric or inch scale make it possible to mark accurately on both dark and light fabrics. The scratch-resistant laser print on the underside of the ruler prevents visual distortion.

Guides rotary cutters and art knives safely

Omnigrid ruler with black and yellow grid markings

Transparent with metric or imperial scale

Hard-wearing plastic

30, 45 and 60 degree angles marked

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Prym Aqua Trick Marker

Prym Aqua Trick Marker – Water Erasable

The water-erasable, felt-tip marking pen from Prym is especially useful for tracing markings, which must not be visible, once the patchwork, quilting, sewing or embroidery has been finished.

All marking can be removed from the fabric by dabbing with a damp cloth or by using the water pen from Prym.

The pen should be stored vertically, with the cap downwards, in order to prevent it drying out.

Important: before using the pen, use it to mark a test piece of fabric and then test the removal of the marks from that piece of fabric.

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Prym Permanent Laundry Marker

Prym Permanent Laundry Marker Pen – Black

A permanent marker pen for marking identification onto fabrics – features a ballpoint cartridge – will not wash out

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Prym Textile Repair Powder

Prym Textile Repair Powder

A great solution for repairing textiles without having to use needle and thread.

Simply place a small sized patch on to a piece of paper, trace and cut out. Position your paper template over the spot to be mended and evenly sprinkle powder over uncovered material and carefully remove the template. Position patch, cover with damp cloth, iron – your repair is complete.

Supplied in a 12g pack

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Prym Chalk Wheel Stick

Prym Chalk Wheel 'Stick'

Ergonomic design facilitates fatigue-free working.

Tracing wheel produces fine chalk lines.

Owing to recessed grip for index or middle finger, the stick adapts to the user's individual hand position.

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Prym Darning Thread Plait

Prym Darning Thread Plait

Darning thread plait with needle and threader – 3 x 21 coloured threads in 50cm lengths – 55% wool, 45% Polyamid

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Prym Fray Check

Prym Fray Check

Fray Check is a colourless liquid that prevents stressed areas such as button holes, seams, shirt collars, and cuffs from fraying by reinforcing the fibres.

When sewing the edges of curves, Fray Check can be applied to the edge of the curves, which are then conveniently cut before turning and without fraying. This sealing solution gives rolled seams a stable finish.

It can even be use to provide a fray-free seal to the edges of self-cut fabric motifs.

22.5 ml of Fray Check is included in the dosing bottle with the pipette-like opening.

Only after multiple washes can the effect of the fibre-reinforcing liquid can lightly subside.

This treatment can be repeated as often as desired.

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Prym Plastic Tracing Sheets With Pen

Prym plastic tracing sheets with pen

3 sheets per pack – sheet size 100 x 150 cms

Easy to make or trace patterns, simply place plastic tracing sheet onto your pattern and trace contours of the pattern with the provided pen.

Full instructions provided

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Prym Silicone Finger Guards

Prym Silicone Finger Guards

Silicone finger guards which are heat resistant for short-term protection when ironing.

Ideal for ironing seams, hems and narrow edges

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Prym Squared Paper

Prym Squared Paper

Create your own patterns and designs.

Bold lines mark out 5cm squares and fine lines show 1cm squares.

Supplied in a pack of 3 sheets 87.5 x 62.5cm

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Prym Water Pen + 3 Refill Tips

Prym water pen

Water pen with 3 refill tips to be filled with water for temporary marking on fabrics, for erasing markings of water erasable pens and for marking lines and subsequent folds

The dampened marking line facilitates folding of the fabric

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Prym Aqua Glue Marker

Aqua Glue Marker from Prym

The Prym aqua glue marker is used to position fabrics, trimmings, lace and zip fasteners without using pins.

The adhesive is visible due to its yellow colour, but it disappears when dry and can then be washed out.

This item is refillable – see refills in the shop.

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Prym Chalk Pencils and Brush

Prym chalk pencils with brush – set of two – blue and white

High quality pencils enable a sharp line ideal for marking fabric, only light pressure is required and is easily removed with the included brush.

Pencils are 11cm in length.

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Prym Colour Tape Measure

This dressmakers’ tape measure from Prym is colour coded with metric and imperial measurements.

Length 60″/150cm

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Prym PomPom Set

Wool and Tapestry Needles by Prym

This pack of 3 wool and tapestry needles (no. 13, 14, 18) are silver coloured steel with a large golden eye for easier threading.

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Prym Sew and Knit Gauge

Sew and Knit Gauge by Prym

The Prym sew and knit gauge has both inch and centimetre markings with a sliding scale.

Ideal when used for marking hems, buttonhole length, button spacing, pleats, curves, etc.

The sew and knit gauge is 6″/15cm in length.

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Bobbin Buddies – Pack of 5

A clever idea – keeps your bobbin threads matched up with the thread spools.

Perfect with any thread spool and bobbin.

The bobbin buddy goes through the bobbin and clips into the reel of thread – always have a bobbin and thread colour to hand.

Assorted colours

Thread and bobbin not included.

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Prym Corner and Edge Shaper

Prym heavy duty plastic corner and edge sharper

For smooth edges and corners, flatten seams without ironing, softens curves

A must have in your sewing/craft box

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Bees Wax Dispenser

Trimits bees wax dispenser

Bees wax strengthens thread and prevents tangling

Also useful for unsticking zips or jammed drawers

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Sewing Caddy – Butterflies

Attractive sewing caddy by Sehlbach & Whiting

Design – Butterflies

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Seam Ripper – Small

Small plastic seam ripper

Sharper, smoother cutting blade. Insert ripper into handle to extend length.

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