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Odicoat by Odif Waterproofing Gel Adhesive


OdiCoat is your magic wand, which transforms all fabrics into coated, waterproof and machine washable fabric.
In one layer, the fabric is protected, water repellent appearance.
In two layers, the fabric is coated, coated canvas look.
In three layers, the fabric is waterproofed and protected, waxed canvas look.

Once treated and ironed between each layer, the fabric can be sewn, cut, cleaned. It therefore has a high resistance to wear. Washing possible at 30°C.

It is possible to pass OdiCoat over already sewn textile creations and thus give them a coated appearance and make them waterproof.

OdiCoat is also a remarkably strong and transparent glue, for sticking your fabrics together, buttons, ribbons … Ideal also for cardboard because it does not transfer onto the fabric or the cardboard.

Made in France and without Bisphenol, OdiCoat is ideal for protecting and perfecting the finish of a bag, wallet, table set, apron, backpack, pencil case, bib, rain cape, etc.

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